Squire - Character Manager

A Role Playing Character Generator and Manager

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Create Multiple Characters

With this app, you have no limit to the number of characters you can have.

Automatically Calculates All of Your Modifiers

This app calculates everything for you. Ability modifiers and class, race, and background proficiencies are automatically added to your character so that you don't have to worry about anything.

Everything You'll Need Is Already Created For You

All of the standard Classes, Races, Backgrounds, Spells, Features, and Equipment is already created for you. Once you create your character, you can choose from hundreds of pre-generated items to apply to your character with little effort on your part.

Helps You Manage Your Equipment

With this app, you can easily equip items from your backpack or drop items that you no longer need. The weight of everything that you are carrying is automatically calculated for you and you can choose whether or not to apply the carrying weight penalties.


You can add any items you want or modify any of the existing items. You are not limited to what the app comes with. You can create your own custom Class or make your own unique Race.

Only Make Changes Once

Whenever you make a change to anything, the changes will be reflected on all characters. No longer do you have to make sure all of the characters have the same edits.

Attack With Anything

You can attack with anything that you want. You can attack with your trusty Scimitar or you can pick up a branch off of the ground and throw it at a rat.

Take Notes

You will no longer forget anything. You can take as many notes as you want so that you will remember every detail about every encounter.


You no longer have to keep track of all of your spells and spell slots. You can attack with a spell and the app will do everything for you. It will expend the correct spell slot and will keep the spell active as long as necessary.

Easy To Level Up

Leveling up has never been easier. Everything is being taken of for you. All you have to do is choose which features and which spells you want to gain.